Mail and packages for dorm residents should be sent to 410 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139. Desk workers sort mail by hand. Doubles and triples have two mailboxes; mail can go into either. Give mis-sorted mail to a deskworker. Mail sent to all residents (like announcements, advertisements) are not sorted but just put into any mailbox.
Packages are logged in our system once they arrive and automatically send the resident a notification. Regardless of what tracking says, it’s not here until it’s in the system. Desk will send outgoing packages if they are addressed and postage is paid. You must notify the shipping company to pick up your package; Desk will not.


To rent a dolly, you leave your ID at Desk and sign it out in the equipment log.


There are cots available for guests of the residents. E-mail the desk captain at least one day in advance, and sign it out in the equipment log.


All visitors must sign in at the front desk. Please tell visitors about this.
Each resident may have ten people on their guest list. These visitors do not need to wait for the resident to come to the front desk to tap them into the dorm.
You can reach the Guest List here.


Desk has a spare key for every room. The key may be checked out for 30 minutes. E-mail the Housemanager if you lose your key so it can be replaced as soon as possible.


Contact the desk captain if you need to reserve a key. You need to reserve it at least one day in advance. You pick it up from desk.


If you have any questions please contact us by email! The phone number listed is for contacting the front desk only.

(617) 253-3261