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Mail to dorm residents should be sent to 410 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139. Desk workers sort mail by hand. Doubles and triples have two mailboxes; mail can go into either. Give mis-sorted mail to a deskworker. Mail sent to all residents (like announcements, advertisements) are not sorted but just put into any mailbox.


Packages are written up on the package whiteboard. Whatever UPS.com says, it’s not here until it’s on the whiteboard. You have to sign for packages to receive them. Packages addressed to non-residents will be refused. Desk will send outgoing packages if they are addressed and postage is paid. You must notify the shipping company to pick up your package; Desk will not.


To rent a dolly, you leave your ID at Desk and sign it out in the equipment log.


There are cots available for guests of the residents. E-mail the desk captain at least one day in advance, and sign it out in the equipment log.


If you forget your ID, please ring the doorbell; don’t knock. Desk workers can’t always hear knocking, but they can always hear the doorbell. Better yet, don’t forget your ID!


All visitors must sign in at the front desk. Please tell visitors about this.

Spare Keys

Desk has a spare key for every room. The key may be checked out for 24 hours. After 24 hours, there is a $5 fine per day that the key is gone, up to $25. Once the fine reaches $25, the key is replaced. E-mail the Housemanager if you lose your key so it can be replaced as soon as possible.

Trunk Room Key

Contact the desk captain if you need to reserve the key. You need to reserve it at least one day in advance. You pick it up from desk and leave your ID.

Equipment and Games

Check these out with your ID. A rental lasts for one day. You can renew rentals unless someone else requests the item. There is a $2 per day late fee.


Board Games

Video Games

These carry a $5 per day late fee