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Message from the REX Chairs

Hello prefrosh/freshmen!

Welcome to MIT! More specifically, welcome to Burton-Conner!

You might be thinking that the purpose of this page is to claim that BC is the coolest dorm ever and to convince all of the freshmen to want to live here. But that’s not entirely true. We just want to show you who we are – so we can find the people who will love living here as much as we do, and so you can find the place you’ll love living.

We might, however, still claim that BC is the coolest dorm ever.


Here’s the truth about Burton-Conner: In BC, the walls aren’t as structural as they should be, the layout of the rooms makes no sense whatsoever, and the floor slopes oddly in odd places – and we love it.

For one thing, it’s not the building that makes Burton-Conner; it’s the people and the personality. For another, the age of the building works in our favor – the rules are bit lax, so we’re allowed to paint the walls and build our own furniture, something which isn’t true in all dorms. There are murals in our hallways and lounges, zero-indexed elevators, multiple kitchens on every floor, dorm-wide trips, distinct floor personalities, and some of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet.

Burton-Conner is arranged in suites, where every resident shares a kitchen, bathroom, and common space with 3-8 other people. Most freshmen get doubles (with an occasional crowded triple or freshman single), and most upperclassmen get singles. Suites are awesome, because you can party in your suite if the rest of your floor is studying, you can study in your room if your suitemates are being too social for productivity, or you can study in the suite lounge in large groups on those rare occasions that you’re being too productive to be social. (Okay, that never really happens, but you get the point.)

There are also some awesome dorm facilities. All residents have 24 hour access to a weight and cardio rooms, laundry facilities, two music rooms, and a couple of game rooms complete with pool tables, table tennis, and air hockey. Plus we have two free rental services: one for our extensive video collection (DVD and VHS), the other for tools – so if you’re redecorating your room and need a power drill to hang your new mirror or build your new loft, you can just head down to the front desk and borrow one.

Mostly though, BC residents love their kitchens.- even those of us who make an art out of burning pasta. Whether you’re on your way to becoming a gourmet chef, you live on Chef Boyardee and mac-n-cheese, or just need to bake a batch of brownies after a rough day, you’ll love having your own full kitchen to play in. (Plus, on the financial side, residents who cook for themselves tend to spend much less on food than those who consistently eat in the dining halls.) Not only that, but kitchens provide a bonding experience too. Sometimes roommates take turns cooking dinner. Sometimes floors will have potluck dinners. Sometimes one resident is nice enough to take donations from floormates and cook a big meal for a large group. And there’s no better way to forge friendships than by sharing meals with your new housemates.

Speaking of those housemates, who are they? Like all MIT dorms, BC has residents of all ages: freshmen through seniors. BC is split into 9 floors (5 on Burton side, 4 on Conner side), each with its own distinct personality. Some are studious, some are loud and social, some are quiet and social, and some are quirkily nerdy. Whether you’re a varsity athlete, a math camp alum, or a hardcore robotics enthusiast, chances are you’ll fit right in on one of our nine living groups.

Are we like one, big happy family? Not exactly. Although one resident once said of her floormates, “You guys are just like my family, only you don’t make me hate Christmas,” we bet your family doesn’t take annual trips, or give you money to play with your friends. Hmmm, wait a minute…

Whatever your real family is like, BC still subsidizes a couple of annual trips (past excursions have included Six Flags, white water rafting, boat cruises, and paintball), funds dorm-wide and floor-wide study breaks (translation: free food for you), and gives floors money to spend with other floors. So whether you want to go to the movies, canoe on the Charles, stay in a cabin in NH, or play laser tag, if you branch out and make some friends across the dorm, BC will cover some of the cost.

BC is a kinda crazy place sometimes. In the end, there’s no one way to describe us – so come visit during Orientation! There will be all kinds of ridiculous fun (like Jell-O wrestling…how can you say no to that opportunity?), plus lots of friendly upperclassmen who will be happy to help you adjust to MIT and answer all your questions – no matter where you decide to live.

This message has been brought to you by Affi and Ester, BC’s REX Chairs for 2011. Email us at bc-rush@mit.edu. We love answering questions. No, really. Email us. Please. We’ll feel special.