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Reservation Policies


Burton-Conner Group
Any part of the house government (meaning coordinators, floors, etc.), house faculty (GRTs and Halston), or a student group of only Burton-Conner residents.
Quiet Hours
(From JudComm): Except for finals week, quiet hours are midnight through 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 2:00 a.m. through 10:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. During finals week, quiet hours are be: 10:00 p.m. to noon except on Saturday evening, when they will not begin until 2:00 a.m. Sunday.

Notes for General Use

One does not need to reserve any of these rooms in order to use them; if the keys to one of the common rooms is at the front desk, and the room is not reserved for the given time period, any Burton-Conner resident may use the room without having to reserve it.

General Policy

The following policies apply to all reservations:

Porter Room Restrictions

The following additional restrictions apply to non-Burton-Conner groups while using the Porter Room (Dining Hall):

Reservation Procedure

The following steps should be taken to reserve an area of Burton-Conner:


Unreservable Areas
The following areas are for the express use of the residents of Burton-Conner, and therefore, are not reservable:
  • Study Carrels (123A)
  • Art Gallery and surrounding lounge areas
Normally Unreservable Areas
The following areas are primarily for use by the residents of Burton-Conner, and are not normally reservable:
  • Soloist’s Room (024)
  • Music Room 1 (025)
  • Music Room 2 (026)
  • Hobby Shop (055)
  • Weight Room (057)
  • Drafting Room (110)
  • Library (124)
  • Rathskeller
Under extenuating circumstances, these facilities may be reserved by Burton-Conner groups. The only areas of those listed above that may be reserved (under extenuating circumstances) by non-Burton-Conner groups are the Library and the Rathskeller. To reserve any of these facilities, the approval of the Burton-Conner Executive Committee (ExecComm) shall be required. A resident who is a member of the group must make the request at an ExecComm meeting. To find out when the next ExecComm meeting will be held, contact the Burton-Conner President (bc-president@mit.edu).
Reservable Areas
The following areas of Burton-Conner are normally reservable:
  • Troost Lounge (112)
  • Conference Room (121)
  • Barbecue Pits
  • Ping Pong Room
  • Porter Room (Dining Hall)

Fees and Charges

Base Fees
ExecComm is empowered to charge a non-refundable Maintenance Fee to defray the cost of maintaining a particular area of Burton-Conner.
The base fee schedule shall be:
  • Events for 40 or fewer people: No base fee.
  • Events for 41 to 100 people: $25.00
  • Events for 101 to 150 people: $50.00
  • Events for more than 150 people: $75.00
ExecComm Supplements
ExecComm may supplement the base fee schedule with any additional charges it deems appropriate.
Some typical charges are the following:
  • Events open to non-MIT individuals: $100.00
  • Events which are invitation-only for non-reserving group members (i.e. semi-formals): $50.00
House Manager Charges
The Burton-Conner House Manager has the right to charge any additional fees to the reserving group as he sees fit.
For example, additional fees may be levied for the following reasons:
  • Set-up/tear-down of tables and chairs
  • Anticipated extensive wear to facilities
  • Damage to the area (assessed after the event)
The Burton-Conner resident who accepts responsibility for a reservation will be held accountable for all fees and charges associated with that event. Payment should be arranged with the House Manager (bc-manager@mit.edu). The House Manager may choose to charge the resident’s Bursar’s account directly for any fees that have not been paid.

Reservation Form

Please email bc-reservations@mit.edu to reserve an area for your event.