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IFAF Proposals

In order to encourage more multi-floor and dorm-wide interaction among Burton-Conner residents, the House Government has established funds which will provide reimbursement for interfloor activities and offer rewards for extra initiatives shown by floors in trying to hold such events.

Submission Procedure

The procedure to receive such funding will be as follows:

  1. Floor chairs / social chairs from participating floors will get together and draft a proposal complete with an itemized budget and submit it to Execcomm at least 10 days before the proposed the activity.
  2. Proposals will be reviewed and voted upon by execcomm in three rounds throughout the semester. One third of the money allocated to IFAF for the semester should be allocated in each round. If all the money for a certain round is not allocated in that round, it shall be carried over to the next round.
  3. If the proposal passes, the organizers of the activity send an advertisement email to each of the floors involved, and bc-officers@mit.edu must be included in the addresses to whom it is sent. (In the email that bc-officers receives, it should be visible that the email was sent to each participating floor. If you forget to do this, you’ll need to send it to everybody again, with bc-officers included.) This is a check that the activity is truly interfloor-wide and is advertised to all as such.

Event Requirements

Any activity which involves at least 15 residents with no more than two-thirds (66%) from the same floor or an event in which more than one floor has 10 participants will be considered an interfloor activity.

ExecComm has discretion over all applications and may adjust these guidelines on a case-by-case basis as it sees fit.

Failure to Meet Expectations

In the event that a floor shows attendance at an activity much lower than what it vouched for while planning the event, that floor will be expected to cover 25% of the total costs of the event as a fine.

IFAF Request Form


Beginning Time:

Ending Time:

Note: 12:00 AM is midnight; 12:00 PM is noon.

Description of Activity:

Itemized Budget:

Floors Involved:

Burton 1

Burton 2

Burton 3

Burton 4

Burton 5

Conner 2

Conner 3

Conner 4

Conner 5

Your Name:

Email Address:

House Office(s) / Floor Office(s):

Note: A copy of this request will be sent to the floor chairs of each of the checked floors. If you would like additional copies to be sent elsewhere, please enter the additional email addresses in a comma-separated list below:

Note: Submitting this request does not substitute for presenting a proposal in person at ExecComm as described in the guidelines above.