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Anne and William McCants bc-housemaster@mit.edu

House Manager

Ken Donaghey bc-manager@mit.edu

House Officers

President Paul Hager bc-president@mit.edu
Vice President Reva Butensky bc-vice@mit.edu
Treasurer Helen Hu bc-treasurer@mit.edu
Secretary Iris Fung bc-secretary@mit.edu


Rooming Chairs Emma Christie (head, bc-rooming-chair@mit.edu), Steven Gerasimoff (Burton-side, burton-rooming@mit.edu), Matthew Tancik (Conner-side, conner-rooming@mit.edu) bc-rooming@mit.edu
Webmaster Jeffrey Hu bc-web@mit.edu
Social Chairs William Caruso, Chandler Squires bc-social@mit.edu
Rush / Orientation Chairs Abbey Russell and Anna Neuman bc-rush@mit.edu
Library Chair Caitlin Cassidy bc-library@mit.edu
Movie Chair Daniel Clark bc-videos@mit.edu
Music Room Chair Davis Tran bc-music@mit.edu
Weight Room Chair Jose Velarde bc-weightroom@mit.edu
TV Lounge Chair Billy Caruso bc-tvlounge@mit.edu
Tool Chair Matt Tancik bc-toolchair@mit.edu
Paint Chair Ben Chan bc-paint@mit.edu
i3 Chair Ben Claman bc-i3chair@mit.edu
Recycling Chair Kali Rosendo bc-recycling@mit.edu
Area Director and EC Advisor Michelle Lessly mlessly@mit.edu

Desk Captain

Nathan Miller bc-deskcaptain@mit.edu

Judicial Committee

JudComm Chair Steven Gerasimoff bc-judcomm-chair@mit.edu
Burton-Side Members Emma Christie, William Caruso burton-judcomm@mit.edu
Conner-Side Members Helen Hu, Jose Velarde conner-judcomm@mit.edu

Graduate Residence Tutors

Conner 2 Kalen and Kayla Berry conner2-grt@mit.edu
Conner 3 Andrej Lenert and Jenna Wiens conner3-grt@mit.edu
Conner 4 Wendi Chang and Pat Gregg conner4-grt@mit.edu
Conner 5 James Teherani and Christi Teherani conner5-grt@mit.edu
Burton 1 Dustin Kendrick burton1-grt@mit.edu
Burton 2 Natasha Wright burton2-grt@mit.edu
Burton 3 Daisy Riquelme and Ryan Hayman burton3-grt@mit.edu
Burton 4 Michael Barry and Mary Vasquez burton4-grt@mit.edu
Burton 5 Rebecca Romatoski and Bobby Wego burton5-grt@mit.edu

Floor Chairs

Conner 2 Paul Hager and Kiele Miller Oana conner2-chairs@mit.edu
Conner 3 Frances Lenahan and Matthew Tancik conner3-chairs@mit.edu
Conner 4 Ben Horkley and Laura Standley conner4-chairs@mit.edu
Conner 5 Zoe Snape and Kristen Cotner conner5-chairs@mit.edu
Burton 1 Priscilla Soto and Victoria Li burton1-chairs@mit.edu
Burton 2 Ido Efrati and Michaelann Rodriguez burton2-chairs@mit.edu
Burton 3 Zac Brooks and Max Kanter burton3-chairs@mit.edu
Burton 4 Fernanda Lavalle and Carol Liu burton4-chairs@mit.edu
Burton 5 Louise van den Huevel and Rafa Rahman burton5-chairs@mit.edu