Position Name(s) Email
Housemasters Anne and William McCants
House Manager Ken Donaghey
Residential Life Area Director Michelle Lessly


Position Name(s) Email
President Emma DeSoto
Vice President Erica Zhou
Treasurer Katharina Gschwind
Secretary Katie Fisher


Position Name(s) Email
Rooming Chairs Sara Tollestrup
Katharina Gschwind
Brian Shimanuki
Webmaster Yaateh Richardson
Social Chairs Mathew Ganatra
Ariel Levy
Emma Bernstein
CPW/REX Chairs Joanna Sands
Arber Bakalli
Lauren Schexnayder
Olivia Yao
Music Room Chair Serena Xu
Weight Room Chair Rhian Chavez
TV Lounge Chair Leanne (Maple) Wang
Tool & Paint Chair Jessie Wang
i3 Chairs Leopoldo Calderas
Chheangkea Ieng
Eco Representative Claudia Chen
Summer Storage Emma DeSoto


Position Name(s) Email
Desk Captains Megan Schussman
Kristina Schmidt

Graduate Residence Tutors

Position Name(s) Email
Burton 1 Natasha Seelam
Burton 2 Natasha Wright
Burton 3 Alexander Bost
Burton 4 Leilani Gilpin
Burton 5 Rebecca Rose Romatoski
Robert Wengronowitz
Conner 2 Brian Shimanuki
Russell Pasetes
Conner 3 Mark Kalinich
John Santa-Maria
Conner 4 Alvin Tan
Conner 5 Sarah Shareef

Floor Chairs

Position Name(s) Email
Burton 1 Annie Hughes
Sarah Shader
Burton 2 Aradhana Adhikari
Laura Liao
Burton 3 Abigail Russell
Sara Tollestrup
Burton 4 Katie Fisher
Elijah Stanger-Jones
Burton 5 Simanta Gautam
Lisbeth Acevedo
Conner 2 Natasha Joglekar
Sarah Powazek
Conner 3 Sarah Caso
Matt Luerman
Conner 4 Joanna Sands
Sherri Green
Conner 5 Daniel Sun
Andy Wei
Michelle Xu


If you have any questions please contact us by email! The phone number listed is for contacting the front desk only.

(617) 253-3261