Position Name(s) Email
Housemasters Anne and William McCants
House Manager Ken Donaghey
Residential Life Area Director Kat Howell


Position Name(s) Email
President Katie Fisher
Vice President Alice Zhang
Treasurer Mark Mockett
Secretary Lisa Yoo


Position Name(s) Email
Rooming Chairs Nonye Ikeanyi
Izumi de los Rios
River Grace
Webmaster Cleverina Cong
Seiji Engelkemier
Social Chairs Danny Landez
Olivia Siegel
CPW/REX Chairs Savannah Tynan
Autumn Geil
Andrew Zue
Music Room Chair Serena Xu
Weight Room Chair Sarah Caso
TV Lounge Chair Trevor Spreadbury
Tool & Paint Chair Nathan Liang
i3 Chairs Alexander Laiman
Jessie Wang
Eco Representative Wendy Trattner
Summer Storage Lisbeth Acevedo
Community Service Chair Flora Klise


Position Name(s) Email
Desk Captains Megan Schussman

Graduate Residence Tutors

Position Name(s) Email
Burton 1 Natasha Seelam
Dariusz Murakowski
Burton 2 Natasha Wright
Burton 3 Erik Eisenach
Burton 4 Leilani Gilpin
Burton 5 Angela Zhang
John Chow
Conner 2 Brian Shimanuki
Russell Pasetes
Conner 3 Mark Kalinich
Conner 4 Alvin Tan
Conner 5 Sarah Shareef

Floor Chairs

Position Name(s) Email
Burton 1 Olivia Yao
Patrick Insinger
Burton 2 Laura Liao
Lucy Zhang
Burton 3 Hannah Lienhard
Mitchell Galer
Burton 4 Ella Richards
Tam Nguyen
Burton 5 Lisbeth Acevedo
Mathew Ganatra
Conner 2 Brian Shimanuki
Russell Pasetes
Conner 3 Jungjoo Cha
Amanda Wang
Conner 4 Joanna Sands
Philip Tran
Elaine Ng
Conner 5 Michelle Xu
Ria Das
Lexi Schneider


If you have any questions please contact us by email! The phone number listed is for contacting the front desk only.

(617) 253-3261