Public spaces in Burton Conner can be reserved for specific group/organization events, provided that a Burton Conner resident is a member of the group requesting the reservation.

General Rules:

Effective Friday, February 12, 2016: In order to make a reservation, request the space a minimum of 5 business days BEFORE your event

Reservations are first come, first serve, so please consult the calendar to see whether the time you are requesting is available BEFORE you reserve a space. Click here to view the BC Reservations calendar

In order to make a reservation: email with:

Start and End times

Space you’re requesting

Be mindful that the size of space is appropriate to match size of group!

Requestable spaces:

Connerside Conference Room (10-20 people)

Burtonside Conference (10-20)

TV Lounge (20-40)

Porter Room (50-200)

Connerside BBQ Pits (outdoors = more flexible)

Burtonside BBQ Pits (outdoors = more flexible)

Name of group/organization you’re requesting the space for

If applicable, email with an event guest list the day of your event. (So security can let your guests in without you being physically present)

Use the space when you have the space; do not reserve more time than you need!

Frequency of reservations: We allow a wide range: from one time to repeated reservations; however, we may not be able accommodate reservations that require excessive use of the space e.g. 7-10pm 5 nights/week

Requesting a reservation does not guarantee that you have the space; wait until you receive a confirmation email!

IMPORTANT: A reservation is NOT the same thing as registering your event on Atlas. If you’re expecting more than 25 people, you must register your event online.


If you have any questions please contact us by email! The phone number listed is for contacting the front desk only.

(617) 253-3261